Need insurance for a divorce? Some say 'I Do'


A self-described serial entrepreneur, John Logan's WedLock offers divorce insurance policies.

Pay a monthly premium, have that policy at least three years, and if you divorce, you cash in.

"I got divorced several years ago and it was world class ugly," Logan said.

Dr. Derek Ball has heard it all in his years as a marriage and family counselor, so he wasn't all that surprised by WedLock.

"Anybody who tells you that they have a perfect relationship is probably lying to you," Ball said. "What you can have is a relationship that works."

Ball is not a fan of the insurance or the statistics and surveys on the WedLock website. He thinks it preys on marital fears and that counseling sessions are a better investment.

Logan begs to differ.

"People can say that all they want but the truth is the odds of divorce are higher than most of the other things we commonly insure ourselves against," Logan said.

Logan said his investment is beginning to show promise. In its first month, he's already sold a handful of policies.

Depending on how much coverage is bought, a WedLock divorce insurance policy will pay cash benefits ranging from $1,250 to $1.25 million for a marriage that ends in divorce. Some policies go for as little as $16 per month

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