Brazilian Blowout tames thick, unruly hair

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. Harroin Salon owner and stylist Janine Jarmine has undergone the blowout herself.

"/*Brazilian Blowout*/ is all the rage right now. We brought it in because clients were demanding it," Jarmine said.

Give the dryers, flat-irons and curlers a rest. According to Jarmine, the acai-berry-infused, Brazilian Keratin treatment dramatically reduces the time spent grooming the hair.

"It's definitely for the thicker, hard to manage, like that frizzy curl," Jarmine said.

A big misconception is that the blowout is an extreme perm. The blowout actually does not take away from your natural curl. Jarmine likens the procedure to "a treatment on steroids."

"It definitely does a lot more than just make it look pretty. It really turns it into healthier, much more beautiful, shiny hair," she said.

The procedure can range in price from $200 to $350, and the results usually last from three to four months.

At Harroin Salon, new client Sena Khoda of North Hollywood is encouraged by the latest buzz surrounding the Brazilian Blowout.

"My hair takes hours, it really does, to style and to try to make it look healthy," Khoda said.

After spending about 90 minutes in Jarmine's chair, washing, drying, ironing, washing, and then drying again, Khoda said she was extremely pleased with the results.

"It's amazing," she said.

Jarmine said with the blowout, you save on product, and you also save on time.

For those who want to be stylish but don't want to commit to the Brazilian Blowout, try a beauty school like Newberry in Granada Hills. Graduates of this accredited cosmetology school earn at least 1,600 hours of styling and primping, and students learning their way around a blow dryer start on doll hair.

"They are quite difficult to blow dry, so once they can conquer that, then they get onto the clients really nicely," said Newberry director Angela Patience.

Appointments and walk-ins are welcome, and a shampoo plus blow dry starts at a very affordable $6.50.

Other perks of the student-staffed salon is that every Tuesday and Wednesday is senior citizens discount day. Also, first-time clients should try to stop in on their birthday.

"We give them complimentary hairstyles on their day so they look and feel fabulous," Patience said.

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