Neighborhood dispute turns criminal

VENTURA, Calif. An officer called to the scene detained a group of men chasing another man and determined a robbery had occurred. Investigators said the victim and his friends were chasing the suspect.

They identified the victim as Manuel Teoyotl, 51, of Ventura and the suspect as Jose Lopez, 62, of Ventura.

Investigators said Lopez and Teoyotl used to be neighbors. However, the friendship turned sour.

Investigators said on Wednesday night Teoyotl heard noises outside near his truck. He confronted Lopez who was allegedly trying steal items from the vehicle.

Lopez allegedly pulled out a five-inch steel bladed utility knife and began slashing at Teoyotl, who was luckily unharmed.

Lopez fled the scene on foot and was arrested by the officer within a couple blocks of the crime scene.

A threatening note, linked to Lopez, was also found on the dash of Teoyotl's truck.

Lopez was booked at Ventura county jail for alleged robbery and criminal threats.

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