Oprah Winfrey shares details of last season

LOS ANGELES "The hardest part for me is going to be saying goodbye to the viewers," said Oprah Winfrey.

For the past 25 years, Winfrey has been greeting viewers every day. In 130 more episodes, that will all end.

"Well I always wanted to be able to leave this show while it was still vital and meaningful and I felt like I had something to say," said Winfrey. "That's what this year is going to be about. The season for me is about staying present and to enjoy this experience like it was the first year."

You can expect to see a lot of surprises in the upcoming season.

"We want to create special moments so celebrities aren't just coming on to talk about a movie or talk about a book, but creating special moments with many of our friends," said Winfrey. "So I think that there will be lots of surprises and interesting ways of gathering perspective on what this show has meant to our viewers."

And get ready for Oprah herself to also be surprised this season -- against her better judgment.

"I don't handle surprises very well. So there's been a ban on surprises," said Winfrey. "The EP came to me and said, 'This year we'd like to do some surprises.' So I've sort of lifted the ban on surprises."

The fun begins Monday at 3 p.m. on ABC7. And the first guest of season 25 is actor John Travolta.

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