Key testimony in Anna Nicole trial questioned

LOS ANGELES Quethlie Alexis had originally testified that Smith slumbered for days, unable to get out of bed because she was so medicated. She portrayed co-defendants /*Khristine Erosovich*/ and /*Howard K. Stern*/ as keeping Smith in a stupor.

But upon cross-examination by the defense she began to contradict herself, saying, "When I say sleep, I mean wake up, go to bed, wake up."

The defense also poked holes in statements she made about a three-day stretch of time when Smith was so out of it she had to be carried out of bed and propped up at a party for her new baby.

Defense attorney Steven Sadow displayed 20 photos from the baby shower depicting Smith beaming, holding the baby and embracing Stern, Erosovich and the nanny.

Alexis was also asked about a confidentiality and retainer agreement she signed days after Stern fired her which gave a law firm exclusive rights to sell her story about /*Anna Nicole Smith*/.

The defense questioned whether she had an agreement to get money. She answered no through her Creole translator, explaining that she signed the document without fully understanding it as she did not know how to read.

According to Alexis' first affidavit, she was concerned about Smith's suitability as a mother, and her "flagrant" sexual relationship with a Bahamian official who promised to give Smith legal residency and allow her to keep her mansion.

According to the document, Alexis was also seeking papers herself and complained that her processing was delayed because the official was spending so much time with Smith. The defense attorney pointed out that the nanny had not mentioned any concerns about syringes, needles, burned spoons and drug paraphernalia that she later mentioned in testimony.

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