'Octomom,' 14 kids facing eviction

SANTA ANA, Calif. But a year and a half later, it appears that fame has not led to fortune for the "Octomom." She talked about her desperation in an interview on RadarOnline.com

"We're destitute right now," she told the entertainment news site. "We're not doing well."

Suleman said her first priority for the octuplets, now 19 months old, is food, even though she could soon be without a home.

She owned more than $7,500 in late mortgage payments and is facing a balloon payment of $450,000 in a few weeks, according to the man who owns the home.

"I need my money, I need my house," said the home's owner, Amer Haddadin. "If she cannot pay for the house, she needs to get out."

Haddadin said he has given her two extensions to pay the money owed since she moved in: a one year extension, then an extra six months.

"She has a lot of money," Haddadin said. "If she doesn't have it here, she has it outside of the country."

Haddadin said he believes Suleman has been paid for various things in the past and should have enough money.

Suleman said that is not the case.

When asked how long her money will last, she said, "I don't know. I borrowed a little, so maybe a week."

Suleman has been offered to appear in a porn film. The money would have been enough to pay off the home, but she said no to the offer.

Suleman made headlines when she became the mother of the world's only living set of octuplets in 2009.

Awe for the medical miracle soon gave way to public scorn as reports emerged that the single, jobless woman already had six other children, and all 14 were conceived through fertility treatments.

Asked if when she would go on welfare, she said, "I will not. I'm going to do everything I can not to go on welfare. I believe in my mind there's always a way."

As she figures out what to do Haddadin said he has had enough.

"I just need her to pay or to get out," he said.

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