Cool Kid raises money to fight breast cancer

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif. "I know that all women can be affected by this, have the potential or have been affected by this. So, that's what really motivated me to do the show," said Scolari.

She brought together more than 50 women for her production, which she called "The Girly Show."

"By giving back and helping out and having a benefit, also doing what I love, which is performing, is like the perfect combination," said Scolari.

The all-female cast had performers from 7 to 83 years of age. It was an entertaining and enlightening experience for the audience.

"I wanted people to be entertained and I wanted the show to be light and fun, but at the same time moving, and for people to be affected and for people to want to help and be motivated to help," said Scolari.

Scolari, a senior year at the Buckley School in Sherman Oaks, plans to make this final year a time to help.

"My project this year is to put on as many benefit concerts, performances as I can. And donate all the money to different organizations, different causes and spreading awareness," said Scolari.

With talent to entertain and a heart to give, /*Alex Scolari*/ is our /*Cool Kid*/.

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