Mulligan: 'Wall Street 2' was challenging

LOS ANGELES We were first introduced to director Oliver Stone's world of "/*Wall Street*/" back in 1987. Stone revives the ruthless corporate raider Gordon Gekko in the sequel "/*Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps*/."

/*Michael Douglas*/ reprises his role as Gekko, while /*Mulligan*/ plays his very independent daughter.

"It was challenging," said Mulligan. "Part of the reason I wanted to do the job was because it was a big boy's movie. The original was incredibly masculine, and this one had more of a human story going on."

Now, Mulligan enjoys sharing the spotlight of "Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps" with her co-stars, including Douglas, /*Shia LeBouf*/, /*Josh Brolin*/ and /*Susan Sarandon*/.

She was standing solo during her breakthrough year with the film "An Education." It was a wild ride, filled with surprises and one she is grateful to have experienced.

She says "An Education" opened the door for her in Hollywood and now she wants variety to be the key to her future plans.

"I just don't want to do the same thing," said Mulligan. "I think when you do something that's mildly successful people want you to play that part again. So I'd get lots of pretentious 16-year-old smoking girl roles. So I've sort of not worked this year so that's been nice."

You can see Mulligan in two movies playing this weekend, the independent film, "Never Let Me Go," with Kiera Knightley and the "Wall Street" sequel.

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