Ready SoCal: Preparing for major disasters

LOS ANGELES The Eyewitness News team covered all the bases for being completely prepared in case of a major disaster. From extreme weather, earthquakes, wildfires and other disasters, ABC7's news team gives you the tools necessary to be ready in case of emergencies.

Weather disasters

ABC7 Chief Meteorologist Dallas Raines explains why it's important to be weather-aware in Southern California and explains how weather, including extreme heat, winds, storms and tsunamis, go hand-in-hand with man-made and natural disasters.

U.S. Forest Service geologist Jerry DeGraff and USGS Seismologist Lucy Jones deliver expert advice on possible landslides and tsunamis hitting Southern California.

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Quake proof your home

Earthquake experts Tom and Debbie Rundberg from Ready America show you and your family how to quake proof your home. The couple uses their own quake-proof home to show different things you can do prevent and lessen potential damage to your property in an event of an earthquake.

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Be wireless ready

There is a cell phone application for just about any emergency. Whether it be a threat to health, life or property, your smart phone might just be smart enough to help you and those around you survive. Consumer Specialist Ric Romero shows you vital cellular phone apps that can help during an emergency.

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Brush fire preps

Getting the outside of your in fire-safe condition is important, especially since wildfire season in Southern California is now year round. Making brush fire clearance a must. ABC7 teamed up with Jason Hurd from the Los Angeles County Fire to show you how to help keep your property safe.

Not only brush fires, general fire safety is also crucial. The Los Angeles Fire Department shows safety tips to protect your family and your home from the single most common disaster in the nation - home fires. L.A. Fire Department Firefighters Gus Medina and Sarah Cortez show the basic steps to installing a smoke detector and a carbon monoxide alarm, plus the required maintenance.

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Emergency kit

Do you have an emergency kit ready in your home? See important things to keep in mind when preparing such a kit to prepare for the next major disaster and help keep your family safe. Keep in mind, it's also important to make an emergency plan for your family in case an evacuation is necessary in the face of a disaster.

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