Reaction to Rose Parade name change is mixed

PASADENA, Calif. The annual New Year's Day parade through Pasadena will now be called the "Rose Parade Presented by Honda."

Reaction on the name change is mixed.

"I think it's a good idea," said Alicia McDonough in support of the change. "I think anything that keeps the parade going. I'm all for it."

But some longtime fans are disappointed by the news.

"It's advertising by a particular company, and it should be something that's community oriented," Mamie Limonchi said.

As part of the partnership, the Tournament of Roses will create a new logo that incorporates the Honda logo. The carmaker will also get the lead float in the parade.

Honda's relationship with the parade goes back 50 years. Details about how much the company paid for the sponsorship have not been released.

Some say they're not surprised that Honda's name will be prominently displayed.

"As far as them sponsoring it, it's like one of my old friends says: The cat with the chips is the one throwing the party," said Chris Layton of Austin Texas. "I guess they're maybe helping throw the party this year."

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