Boxer, Fiorina hold second debate on radio

LOS ANGELES It was a war of words as political tensions escalate in the race for Barbara Boxer's senate seat.

Boxer and Fiorina continued to throw punches in their second debate.

"It is shocking to me to see someone trying to get to the United States Senate from California who would turn her back on the environment," said Boxer Wednesday. "She actually was named one of the 'dirty dozen.'"

"Barbara Boxer engages frequently in a shocking misrepresentation of my record, but nowhere is that more unconscionable than her continued assertion that I support the criminalization of abortion," said Fiorina.

The debate, which aired on public radio and was sponsored by KPCC and Spanish-language daily La Opinion, covered health care reform, the environment, immigration, the economy and the multi-trillion-dollar deficit.

"I've seen her budget recommendations. They're a disaster for California," said Boxer. "They would cause draconian cuts in Social Security and Medicare, and that's not from me. It's from the Center on Budget Priorities."

"Let me tell you exactly where I would cut, but with all due respect, her record is the issue," said Fiorina. "She has been in Washington, D.C., for 28 years. She had plenty of time to give middle-income Californians a tax break, but right now, as of January 1, middle-income families in California will be faced with a $1,600 tax increase."

And in their closing remarks, the candidates focused on jobs and taxes.

"These are very tough times," said Boxer. "We need job creation, and I'm fighting for those jobs every day, right here in America and in California. And when my opponent had her chance, as the head of Hewlett-Packard, she laid off 30,000 workers."

"Barbara Boxer has had 28 years to serve the people of California. And ask yourself: What has she accomplished? Her own hometown newspaper would not endorse her," said Fiorina.

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