Event offers hope to distressed homeowners

LOS ANGELES Almost 5,000 people spent the night outside the Convention Center, hoping to get modifications to their mortgages that would save them from foreclosure.

"It's an incredible opportunity to save our home. Obviously we're here because we're in trouble so the fact that this organization has taken it upon themselves to do this kind of work is phenomenal," said Chris Chavez.

The nonprofit Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America counsels borrowers on how to go about applying for a loan modification and then they have the opportunity to meet face to face with their lender.

"It's better than over the telephone, or a letter, or faxing or anything like that cause you're talking to them one on one," said Muriel Bennett.

NACA cannot guarantee that every borrower will be able to successfully modify their loan, but organization CEO Bruce Marks said it doesn't hurt to try.

"People have everything to gain and nothing to lose. And we have a track record of unbelievable success," he said.

Sabrina Hyoung was one of those success stories. She came all the way from Colorado to attend the conference and did get her loan modified.

"I went to North Carolina last year and I left without one. It was heartbreaking but they told me what to do," said Hyoung. "I went home and we had a battle plan and we instituted it and we knocked it out, got it done, proved it to the bank and won our modification."

Her father also got a modification and each are now saving over $800 a month.

But Marks lamented that an event like this had become the only salvation for many families. "NACA shouldn't be the only solution. The government should be doing more but it's not happening."

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