Cool Kid helps cancer patients deal w/ pain

ORANGE, Calif. "It makes me so happy that I can help other people going through cancer and going through this and that. It will just help make their day a little easier," said Homolak.

Her handmade pillows help patients deal with the pain after surgery.

"One simple little prop of that pillow and you're good to go. The simplest little thing and it's so cool because without it, it really would be a lot more painful," said Danere Truax, a cancer patient.

People who work closely with patients say they appreciate the effort made and how much it helps people going through a difficult time.

"Not only physically does it help the patient afterward, but just emotionally, just to have something to touch and hold prior to going in. It is tremendous and I thank her. I think it's a great act of kindness," said Stacey Fischer, a nurse navigator.

"She's the best. It's so special, the patients love it," said Florette Grado, breast imaging manager.

Homolak has seen the good her work has done at Saint Joseph Hospital in Orange, but she wants to see it expand to more places in the future.

"That was one of my main goals of this project. I wanted to get it here in Southern California, so other people would be like, 'Hey, I want to make these pillows.' So we can get them to all these hospitals down here in Southern California," said Homolak.

They're pillows of comfort, handmade with love and hand delivered by our /*Cool Kid*/ /*Kara Homolak*/.

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