LAPD shows off counterterrorism technology

LOS ANGELES The LAPD monitors terror incidents around the world and develops action plans and technology to prevent such scenarios from happening in Los Angeles.

"A ripple somewhere is a ripple everywhere. We feel the effects by lunchtime," said Deputy Chief Michael Downing. "The threat has become globalized, it is internationalized."

So the LAPD has developed counterterrorism measures like an explosive-sniffing K-9 unit that operates without a handler, or the futuristic-sounding "BAT CAT," a bomb assessment tactical counter assault tool worth $900,000.

They also showed off a forklift with a 60-foot crane that is fully robotic. But the police emphasized that one of the best weapons against terrorism is old fashioned - keeping an eye out for suspicious behavior.

"Without your help we can't keep the city safe," said Chief Charlie Beck.

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