LACMA to open new pavilion, offer free entry


It's the Lynda and Stewart Resnick Exhibition Pavilion, and admission will be free over the weekend.

The building is unique. It was designed specifically to show off artwork and to take advantage of as much light as possible.

Stone giants greet guests as they enter the /*Resnick*/ Pavilion. The statues date back thousands of years to the ancient Olmec civilization. The carvings were done without the help of sophisticated tools.

"The Olmec were amazing people. I don't think we've studied them the way we have, in museums anyway, in the way we did the Aztecs," said Barbara Pflaumer, /*LACMA*/ vice president of communications.

The Resnick family donated $45 million of their own money to help create the pavilion. They are also sharing a portion of their personal art collection--beautiful sculptures, paintings and even furniture.

For fashion fans, there is a display of clothing dating back to the 1700s. People have to see the clothing in person to appreciate the intricate details.

"They do not stand up in a photograph the way they will knock you out in person," said Pflaumer.

The craftsmanship is impressive. As you get close, you can really appreciate the time and effort that went into looking good centuries ago.

People who are planning to visit the museum over the weekend were asked to register online or over the phone. There will be tickets on site, but organizers want to get a sense of the crowd.

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