Boxer, Fiorina offer plans for job growth

LAGUNA WOODS, Calif. /*Boxer*/ visited a senior community in Orange County while /*Fiorina*/ spoke at a trucking company in Rancho Dominguez.

The issue was jobs and how to create more. With critics calling California unfriendly to business, candidates were questioned on how Washington can help the Golden State attract businesses to open up shop.

"I have suggested that we create jobs for American zones, where the federal government would provide very targeted tax cuts for companies so that they would locate here," Fiorina said.

"We're looking at making sure that we have a robust, high-weight belt, and that will mean jobs, jobs, jobs in the construction industry," Boxer said. "Also, water and sewer, also jobs, jobs, jobs, because housing is so flat."

The only thing both can agree on is helping small businesses grow.

"I have suggested, for example, a two year payroll tax holiday for every small business owner, for every unemployed worker that they can rehire," Fiorina said.

"One of the big pushes we're doing with the administration is getting them access to credit, cutting their taxes -- we've cut their taxes about eight to 10 different ways -- so we really are working hard to make sure that small businesses are leading the way out of this recession," Boxer said.

The polls show Boxer with a slight lead over Fiorina.

Boxer got some top-brass help Friday in fundraising. Vice President Joe Biden was in Laguna Beach for a luncheon. It was $500 per plate.

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