Best cleaning product to pick up pet hair

LOS ANGELES Pet groomer Christina Eriksen knows how tough pet hair is to control. Regular grooming can help, she says, but pet hair comes with the territory.

"It's unconditional love when you come home to these animals, and if there's a little bit of hair flying around, it's worth it," Eriksen said.

The $6 Pledge Fabric Sweeper claims it can quickly and easily pick up pet hair. Consumer Reports' tester Bernie Deitrick, who owns a dog and two cats, tested it out to see it in action.

He compared the Pledge Fabric Sweeper to three Scotch products - its regular lint roller, the pet hair roller and the Scotch Fur Fighter hair remover with removable sheets.

All of the Scotch products did remove hair, but it was a little tedious, Deitrick said. The sheets can quickly fill up, and you need to keep using a new one in order to get the job done.

The Pledge Fabric Sweeper was much easier to use.

"The Fabric Sweeper has two rollers that work together to move the hair into the collection compartment," Deitrick said.

When there's a lot of hair, you may have to stop and remove it, but it's easy to do, so on the whole, Consumer Reports says the Pledge Fabric Sweeper cleans up pet hair quickly and easily.

The instructions for the Pledge Fabric Sweeper say to throw it away when it's full, but Consumer Reports says it's easy to remove a roller, take out the hair, and use it again.

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