Final arguments continue in Smith drug trial

LOS ANGELES Dr. Sandeep Kapoor, Dr. Khristine Eroshevich and Smith's then lawyer-boyfriend, Howard K. Stern, are accused of conspiring to provide excessive prescription drugs to an addict.

Prosecutors alleged that one of Smith's doctors made up a false set of records to hide what they claim were the massive amounts of meds he prescribed her. Prosecutors said the defendants used nine aliases, gathered the drugs from four different pharmacies and filled prescriptions from multiple doctors to elude suspicion.

According to prosecutors, the defendants obtained 2,360 tablets and 960 milliliters of prescription drugs for Smith in a single month.

When investigators searched Kapoor's house, they uncovered her medical files, including notes that showed his concerns about the former Playboy model's alleged drug addiction. One notation suggests rehab: "Patient needs an in-patient facility."

The defense has argued that fake names were necessary for the celebrity's confidentiality.

But prosecutor Rene Rose told the jury, "It is not about privacy, folks. It is about hiding the medication."

Prosecutors said Erosovich took over for Kapoor when Anna Nicole moved to the Bahamas.

They said she ordered drugs so diverse and so potent, a pharmacist refused to fill her prescription.

Stern is charged as the principal enabler. They said he instructed the doctors, collected the medications and gave them to Smith.

The three defense attorneys are expected to plead for the doctors and for Stern to be acquitted, claiming that they cared for Smith and were trying to help her with medical concerns.

The three are not charged in Smith's 2007 overdose death, which was ruled accidental.

The jury could begin deliberating the case by late Wednesday.

The defendants face unspecified fines and prison sentences if convicted.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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