Mountains go from 80s temps to cold, cloudy

RUNNING SPRINGS, Calif. After last week's heat, some residents welcome the change of seasons.

There could even be some snow at higher elevations Tuesday night.

"This is one of the reasons I live in the mountains, a day like today it's gorgeous, beautiful," said Big Bear Lake resident Daniel Bidwell. "We are definitely living in God's country,"

Bidwell used his lunch break to walk the village with his granddaughter.

They were all bundled up -- much different than last week, when it was more than 80 degrees.

"Difference between night and day," Bidwell said. "In fact, everybody who lives up here is still talking about it."

On the north shore of the lake, Leilani Karakawa was fishing Tuesday morning.

"I think the weather's really beautiful right now," said Karakawa of Covina. "It's nice and cool."

In the Snow Valley ski area, it's still not cold enough to make snow on a consistent basis, but they're getting ready.

"Anytime after November, first we'll be ready to go for snowmaking, just watching the weather forecasts, and once it's cold enough for an extended period of time, we'll be making snow in anticipation of opening," said Roger Vieau of Snow Valley Ski Resort.

The Strader family arrived to the mountains from Valencia.

For them, last week meant triple digits and short-sleeved shirts.

But up in the mountains, it's sweater weather.

"It's perfect up here," Cathy Strader said. "It's crisp and cool."

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