New celeb tops leaderboard on 'Dancing'

LOS ANGELES After performing on 10 of the 11 seasons of "/*Dancing With the Stars*/," pro-dancer /*Tony Dovolani*/ is over the moon about the progress of his current partner, /*Audrina Patridge*/. Their elegant Waltz landed them in first place on the judges' scoreboard.

But it was a close one. Right behind them, in a three-way tie for second place was /*Jennifer Grey*/, /*Brandy*/ and /*Rick Fox*/. All of which performed the Samba.

"I was freaked out about this dance," said professional dancer /*Cheryl Burke*/. "Samba is the hardest Latin dance. To get a big man like him to move the way he does, I don't know how he does it."

"Growing up in the islands helps a little bit," said Fox. "We're required to move our hips a little bit so I went back to those roots and then I just watched Cheryl all week."

Meanwhile, /*Kurt Warner*/ is used to crowds screaming for him in a football stadium, but the "Dancing" environment is different for him and he likes it.

"To get a standing ovation and to feel it from the crowd feels good on the dance floor," said Warner. "I'm working at this thing and I'm trying to get better and it's kind of their way of patting me on the back."

Warner and /*Kyle Massey*/ each earned 23 points from the judges.

They were followed by another tie. /*Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino*/ and /*Florence Henderson*/'s touching Waltz, both received 20 points. Henderson knows that slow and steady can win the race, and she's shown consistent improvement each week on "Dancing."

She dedicated the dance to her late husband. It was the evening's most emotional moment.

"I'm dancing for the people at home," said Henderson. "I'm dancing for people who have lost partners, who are grieving. And you get on with your life and you dance."

/*Bristol Palin*/ and her partner /*Mark Ballas*/ came in second to last place with 19 out 30 points.

"I know it just takes time and commitment to the song and to the performance," said Palin. "So hopefully next week we'll be able to stick around and show that.

/*Margaret Cho*/ may have landed at the bottom of the judge's scoreboard, but she danced with nothing but pride.

"I really worked on this which is why I'm so disappointed that we didn't get higher scores," said Cho. "Our message is so important for me to express. That was the main thing."

Watch to see who will be eliminated this week on "Dancing." You can catch all of the action starting at 9 p.m.

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