Cool Kid helps needy kids in Haiti, the D.R.

LAWNDALE, Calif. "I saw pictures from the Internet and our cousin took pictures and sent them to us and I thought, 'man, I have a good life. I want to help make their lives better,'" said Olivo.

In an effort to collect money, food and supplies to help the needy children, Olivo put together a presentation to inform and inspire students at schools around Southern California.

"I want them to think that it's not all about them. That there are people out there, real people who need help. It's not about luxury, it's not about here, it's about helping others," she said.

And she's been extremely successful. Olivo's responsible for donations of over 15,000 pounds of food and supplies for orphanages.

But this 15-year-old freshman sees more ahead in her college years.

"By then, there'll be a couple more orphanages that we help. And hopefully by then people will be better off, and maybe we might go to other slums," said Olivo.

She knows raising awareness and telling the story of the orphanage's needs is important, but one emotion runs through all that she does.

"More importantly, I feel like I've helped somebody. I'm not only feeding people, but I'm also motivating people to think of other people rather than themselves," said Olivo.

Bringing together students from her community to help children a world away makes /*Karin Olivo*/ our /*Cool Kid*/.

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