O.C. man suspected of more child-porn victims

SANTA ANA, Calif. A 66-year-old man is under arrest after police say they found several boxes of child porn inside his Santa Ana apartment. They now believe he may have been victimizing children for years.

Eyewitness News spoke exclusively to the mother of one of the alleged victims.

Pinkney Badgett, who goes by the name "Harold," is in custody after police allege they found boxes of child pornography in his apartment. He has pleaded not guilty.

"Crystal," who only wants to use her first name, was stunned to learn her 1-year-old daughter appears in nude photos with Badgett.

"I wanted to kill him. I can't believe he did that because I used to leave her by herself with him when I would go run errands. He put on a good front. I mean, I had no idea," said Crystal.

Crystal lives in the home attached to the Badgett's residence. They've known each other for four years. Crystal's mother was engaged to Badgett.

"I'm just shocked. I can't believe he turned out to be the person he is," said Crystal. "He would just act like a Christian good man."

Crystal was further shocked at what she found in his apartment after his arrest: children's jewelry, dozens of toys, a child's backpack, and photos.

Police say the unidentified victims range in age from one to 11 years old.

"He's a sick man, he's a freak," said Crystal. "I've seen the pictures in his room that I found also, like, 7-year-old kids, 2-year-old little girls with older men. It's disgusting."

So far, police have only identified Crystal's daughter as a victim.

"Not only was he taking pictures of this child, but that there is potentially acts of molestation occurring," said Santa Ana Police Corporal Anthony Bertagna.

In 2006, Riverside County Sheriff's deputies served a search warrant on Badgett's home at the time, in Moreno Valley.

"That case involved child pornography as well as child molestation," said Bertagna.

No charges were filed at that time.

Police are concerned there may be other potential victims. Badgett has also lived in San Diego County.

"I have been praying to God that there's no way he can get out," said Crystal. "Who knows how many kids he's done this to?"

Badgett used to be married. He has children of his own who do not live with him.

Anyone with information related to the case is asked to call Santa Ana Police at (714) 245-8400.

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