Coach saves Ky. team from head-on collision

MOBILE, Ala. The women's volleyball team from Western Kentucky University was taking an overnight bus ride from Bowling Green, Ky. to a match in Mobile, Ala.

They were on a sleeper bus on the interstate, when the bus began bumping into something.

The team's coach, Travis Hudson, pulled back the curtain and saw the driver slumped over the steering wheel.

They were heading into oncoming traffic. The coach grabbed the wheel, while a player grabbed the gears and the emergency brake, avoiding a collision.

"We had gone off the inside into the median and gone down in the median and come up on the other side and were within about 2 feet of oncoming traffic on 65 North," said Hudson.

"He really is like our second dad in so many facets. And that was kind of like the peak of it. He was there putting his life out there to try to protect all of us," said volleyball player Kelly Potts.

The bus driver did not survive that heart attack, but everyone else on the bus was OK.

The team went on to win their volleyball match.

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