Celebs ready for Latin night on 'Dancing'

LOS ANGELES "The Argentine Tango is the next dance," said /*Audrina Patridge*/.

"It's a very feisty dance," said professional dancer /*Tony Dovolani*/. "It's very passionate with lots of flips and kicks."

Patridge and Dovolani are one of four teams tackling the Argentine Tango this week on "/*Dancing With the Stars*/." So are actress /*Jennifer Grey*/ and her partner /*Derek Hough*/ who expect it to be an exciting night.

/*Rick Fox*/ may benefit from his partner, /*Cheryl Burke*/, Monday since she spent three weeks in Argentina over the summer studying the dance.

Before he even started to think about the dance, /*Mike Sorrentino*/ said he was in good hands with his partner /*Karina Smirnoff*/ as his teacher.

"I never have any idea what I'm in store for," said Sorrentino. "I trust her. She's the professional. I just try to be a good student, good sport. Be positive and just do the best I can."

/*Bristol Palin*/ and her partner /*Mark Ballas*/ are one of five couples ready to Rumba.

/*Florence Henderson*/ and her pro-dancer /*Corky Ballas*/ say they plan to take some risks with their dance.

And /*Brandy's*/ partner, /*Maksim Chmerkovskiy*/, is thinking primal.

"Our Rumba is going to be very hot, like a steamy relationship," said Chmerkovskiy. "It's going to be really sexy."

/*Kyle Massey's*/ partner /*Lacey Schwimmer*/ had to give the Disney star some tips on how to be sexy.

"He needs to be romantic and sexy," said Schwimmer. "Len is really going to be looking at the hips and the feet. We've got to work on those even though he thinks he's perfect. Look at him."

/*Kurt Warner*/ knows he's not perfect on the dance floor, but the former football star is learning new maneuvers.

"We've been looking for my hips for weeks so we're going to have to find them this week somewhere in there," said Warner.

See who's got all the right moves starting at 8 p.m. on ABC7.

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