Starbucks tells baristas to slow down

NEW YORK Baristas have been told to curtail an assembly line approach. They can no longer steam a pitcher of milk for multiple drink orders, but must make each drink individually -- no more than two at a time.

The company apparently feels baristas are trying to make too many drinks at the same time, and by taking more time, customers will have a better cup of coffee.

However, a Starbucks Workers Union official says the new method cuts efficiency.

"There are a lot of drinks, you get them out quickly and then you have time to multi-task, to clean or to restock items. It's taking away from the short cuts we use to get the beverages out quicker," said Erik Forman.

Yet Starbucks says the plan is a fresh way to do business.

In a written statement, a spokesman said "Our approach not only enables baristas to consistently deliver high-quality handcrafted beverages but also connect with customers. In stores that tested this new method, we have already seen a positive impact on customer satisfaction feedback, beverage quality and service times."

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