Man killed in O.C. bakery, 2 gunmen sought

SANTA ANA, Calif. The bakery, Panaderia La Chapina, is located on the 2200 block of West Edinger Avenue.

The bakery opened for business less than 12 hours after the deadly shooting that happened on Wednesday.

Police said a customer, a 32-year-old man from Santa Ana, was targeted and gunned down inside the bakery by two men.

"He's at a counter making himself a drink when two males in their mid-twenties walk in, pass the other patrons and shoot him several times," said Anthony Bertanga of the /*Santa Ana Police Department*/.

The shooting was caught on tape. The bakery has at least a dozen security cameras in and around the building. Police are not releasing the surveillance video at this time.

Police said the two suspects walked out of the store and took off on foot.

The shooting happened in front of 12 other customers. Police were tipped off by a caller who said there were shots fired around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Officials said they are questioning some witnesses.

"I come here every week just to get some bread. I heard what happened and I'm surprised," said customer Jimmy Lopez.

Police said the man was shot several times in the upper torso. The victim was pronounced dead at the scene.

Residents in the Santa Ana neighborhood are in shock. The bakery is a popular spot for locals and is right in front of a school.

"Unfortunately, it's the everyday life in an area like this. I mean there are a lot of good people in the neighborhood, but there are bad apples everywhere," said Hope Bauer, a Santa Ana resident.

Investigators are trying to figure out the motive for the shooting, but some locals said only one thought comes to mind.

"Gangs, that's what comes to my mind, gangs," said one resident.

Police said they do not believe the shooting was gang-related.

"They're trying to put all he pieces together - who is this guy, what' his history, contact people who know him, did he have any beefs with other people," said Bertanga.

This is the city's 25th homicide in 2010.

Anyone with information was asked to call Santa Ana police at (714) 245-8665.

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