New website will be hub for celeb sightings

LOS ANGELES launches next week and promises to connect its users with the 7,000 celebrities it has in its database. Users will be able to post star sightings and then others will be able to look them up. So if someone wanted to know where their favorite celebrity was having dinner they could log on and possibly find out the last place they were spotted.

Making this information public and easily accessible has some worried about privacy. One-time teen star and current husband to starlet Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green is concerned.

"I hope at some point somebody steps and changes it, does something about it," he said.

Fred Wilson, a security expert with Knight Security said 99 percent of fans just want to feel connected with their favorite celebrities, but a small percentage could use these kinds of sites to stalk celebrities.

"The problem is you've got the one percent that are stalkers or maybe have other reasons to want to harm a celebrity," said Wilson.

The website's CEO and co-founder, A.J. Asver, said it will allow fans to share the excitement of seeing a celebrity in person and provide celebrities a new platform to connect with their fans.

"All these celebrity sightings are perfectly natural occurrences. We're not asking people to change their behavior, we're just putting it all in one place."

Thursday Twitter severed its ties with the company but Asver said that's just one of many services that will help fans keep track of their favorite celebs.

Justspotted isn't the first site to try this approach. has something called "Stalker Gawker," but many celebrities and fans inundated the site with false sightings. Whether the same thing will happen on Justspotted remains to be seen as there is no way to verify any of the posted information.

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