'RED' review: Fun action film w/ great cast

LOS ANGELES In the film, Willis plays a former CIA operative who's now "/*RED*/," which is code for "retired and extremely dangerous."

The CIA seems to want him dead. So he recruits some of his fellow retirees in special ops to fight back.

/*Morgan Freeman*/, /*John Malkovich*/, and /*Helen Mirren*/ play old colleagues who also know too much for their own good, which means they're in danger, too.

"RED" is based on a D.C. Comics graphic novel, but I never really got the obvious "comic book" feel with this movie and I didn't care. I enjoyed the whole cat and mouse aspect of it, and the fact that you can be over 50, 60 or even 70 and still kick you know what!

Willis is fearless and fun, Malkovich is quirky like usual, Freeman is as interesting as he always is, and Mirren just keeps showing us she can pretty much play anything.

/*Karl Urban*/ plays the CIA agent intent on killing Willis' character at any cost. He's strong in performance and in his physicality.

/*Mary-Louise Parker*/ is along for the ride as Willis' potential love interest. She's just so natural and has such interesting lines, you want to hear what she's going to say.

And I loved seeing the vibrancy of 93-year-old /*Ernest Borgnine*/ - he's still got it.

The best thing about "RED" is the casting - it just works. The film is fun, it doesn't take itself too seriously and it moves. I won't say it all stayed with me once it was over but while it was going on I liked it!

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