Men gather in Calif. town to pick best beard

TAFT, Calif. For the past 10 months, contestants grew their beards for the Whiskerino Contest in Taft. There are awards for the best beard, the ugliest and the most unique.

This year's winner of the best beard says kids and work made his beard stand out from the rest.

"What I do is, I wake up every morning and go to work at 5 in the morning, and I get home at 9 at night. Working 16 hours a day makes your beard grow faster. Remember that kids. Work hard. You'll come to have this," said Larry Breslin, best beard winner.

It's not just the men taking part in all the fun. The women had a pony tail and bun contest, and there were winners for the best and most creative women's hairstyles.

The woman who won best bun traveled to Taft from Hawaii for the competition.

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