Light rain creates messy commute in SoCal

SYLMAR, Calif. While the rain wasn't steady, there was enough rainfall to make the streets slick in the valley and scattered parts of Los Angeles County.

"I had to avoid a truck. He was trying to avoid hydroplaning, he came over into my lane seriously, and I had to change lanes real quick," said driver Mark Michaels. "I'd be careful and go slower, leave a lot of space in between other cars."

Traffic was brought to a standstill at times because of accidents. Two lanes of the northbound Golden State (5) Freeway were shut down for hours after a big rig jackknifed at the Mission Boulevard exit, spilling about 30 gallons of diesel fuel on the roadway.

Big-rig driver Jeff Fresh said big-rig accidents could be avoided if drivers would just be cautious.

"People cut you off, and you got to understand, that (big rigs) can't stop as fast as you can," he said.

Many drivers said the traffic made them late to work and other destinations. Driver Erin Brownlee said her usual hour commute took two hours because of the rainy road.

"People are a little nervous, and then there's the crazies who want to go really fast, and they're trying to cross paths, so it's kind of scary," she said.

However, not everyone wants the rain to disappear.

"I love the rain," said Kathleen McClain of Santa Clarita. "Sometimes in the winter time there will be snow on the mountains and it's gorgeous."

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