Final stretch of gov race focuses on jobs

GARDEN GROVE, Calif. With the election 15 days away, the candidates are trying to drive their messages to the remaining undecided voters while still attacking their opponents.

Monday, Meg Whitman toured a manufacturing plant in Garden Grove that produces environmentally friendly products. She said these are the types of businesses needed in the state, but high taxes and regulations are driving them away.

"You know all the filling lines that I saw out there? You pay sales tax on that equipment. If you chose to put that manufacturing equipment, those filling machines, in Nevada or Texas or Colorado, you wouldn't pay sales tax on that equipment," said Whitman.

Whitman's message is one word: jobs. And you couldn't miss it. It was on every sign at Monday's campaign stop.

"I am in the business of job-creation, and I contrast that to Jerry Brown, who has been in politics for 40 years. While my business is creating goo jobs, Jerry Brown's business is politics," said Whitman.

"The Democrats have one view of the world, and Republicans have the other," said Brown.

Monday in San Francisco, Brown criticized Whitman's plan to cut taxes, especially the capital gains tax. He said it will only help the very wealthy, and that Whitman herself could save $15 million in taxes on the $140 million she's given to her campaign. She says that doesn't make sense.

"It just shows that Jerry Brown does not understand math," said Whitman. "The fact that I would run for governor to enrich myself is ridiculous. All you have to do is look at how much money I've spent versus how much money I would save. So he is so off-base on this, it's a political stunt, it's class warfare. That's what he's trying to put forth, and it's simply not true."

Brown wants Whitman to release her tax returns so voters can see what taxes she paid in the past. Brown hasn't released his taxes either.

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