FDA gives Iowa farm green light to sell eggs

WASHINGTON The /*Food and Drug Administration*/ said three egg producing houses owned by Hillandale Farms in Iowa have been extensively tested and found to have no evidence of salmonella contamination.

Four others overseen by the company are still undergoing further testing.

Not all companies linked to the salmonella outbreak have been given the green light, however. The /*FDA*/ has urged the owner of Iowa's Wright County Egg to take "prompt and aggressive actions" to eliminate salmonella contamination believed to have sickened 1,600 people in 2010.

Wright County Egg has not been allowed to sell shell eggs since salmonella was traced back to its farms in August. The FDA threatened to shut down the company if it does not clean up its act by the time re-inspection time rolls around.

During the summer outbreak, Wright recalled 380 million eggs and Hillandale recalled 170 million.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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