Famous friends support 'Dancing' celebs

LOS ANGELES (Get a dance-by-dance recap of all the action in week five of 'Dancing With the Stars.')

You never know who you're going to see in the audience on the set of "/*Dancing With the Stars*/."

/*Rick Fox*/ says Kobe Bryant might be making an appearance later this season to root him on. /*Bristol Palin's*/ mom, /*Sarah Palin*/, has shown up a couple of times. And on Monday night, some long-time friends appeared to root on their pals.

When Florence Henderson danced the Tango to the theme of "The Brady Bunch" Monday night her oldest TV son, Barry Williams, was there cheering her on.

"What a wonderful dance and a wonderful performance," said Williams.

/*Jennifer Grey*/ tackled the Foxtrot to the "Married With Children" theme. She too had longtime famous friends cheering for her.

"Jennifer and I grew up together. We've been best friends since we were 14 so I'm really her, like, number one fan out there," said actress Tracy Pollan.

"We're the same emotional maturity as we were when we were 14," said Grey.

"I've only known her for 25 years so I'm a newcomer," joked actor Michael J. Fox.

Grey has also hinted her dad, actor Joel Grey, would be paying a visit. It's always comforting to have those close to you there for support.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has also been in the audience weekly to support the "Dirty Dancing" star. And for the record, three of Henderson's TV kids have already been to the show.

Someone will be voted off after Shakira and Jason Derulo perform Tuesday. Catch all of the action starting at 9 p.m. on ABC.

(Get a dance-by-dance recap of all the action in week five of 'Dancing With the Stars.')

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