Kirk Gibson to auction '88 World Series gear

LOS ANGELES It's not just an autograph, it's one of the signature moments in L.A. sports history.

"I used to always have this stance, I call it my emergency stance," said Gibson. "I just spread out, I put my hands into here really tight to my body and then I'm saying "you're not going to strike me out, I'm going to put the ball in play. Maybe a good thing will happen."

Twenty-two years removed from one of the most iconic moments in Dodger history, Gibson has decided to put some of the memorabilia from the dramatic 1988 World Series homer up for auction.

"Some of the greatest players that ever walked the face of the earth played out here, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, whatever," said former Dodgers Manager Tommy Lasorda. "That was voted number one because of the drama."

Opening bids will be taken online at starting next week. The helmet and bat could go for $200,000 each.

"That kind of pricing will buy you the Babe Ruth Dodger coach's uniform or one of DiMaggio's uniforms," said sports-museum owner Gary Cypres.

There are actual cleat marks on the bat from Gibson hitting his shoes after every foul pitch. It of course is loaded with pine tar and has a little "X" on the knob. It was a defective bat because Gibson needed something light to swing

"Everything about that bat, it's like a painting. It's like a story," said Gibson. "It will tell you the whole thing. It's really cool."

It's still really cool.

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