LAPD officer killed by bomb in Afghanistan

LOS ANGELES Cullins was killed by a secondary bomb as he was investigating an earlier explosion in the war-torn Helmand Province.

Cullins, an explosive ordinance disposal officer, had recently recovered from a concussion he suffered in July while dismantling another roadside bomb.

"This is a great loss for the LAPD and for everyone who knew him and witnessed his commitment to upholding his duty and honor as a police officer and a Marine," said Paul Weber, president of the /*Los Angeles Police Protective League*/.

Cullins is the second LAPD officer killed this year with the Marines in Afghanistan.

When Marine Staff Sgt. Josh Cullins was firs hurt over the summer, he suffered a concussion while dismantling a bomb.

Shortly after that, dozens of friends and family members put together a video message, more than 10 minutes worth of well-wishes.

The 28-year-old Cullins had been an LAPD officer since July 2008, but was serving with the Marines in Afghanistan as an explosive-ordinance disposal officer.

LAPD officials say Cullins was killed Monday after his unit was called-in to check out a roadside bomb that had detonated.

Just days after the LAPD lost Cullins of, some of Hollywood's top comics got together to throw a fundraiser for wounded soldiers and their families.

The Laugh Factory hosted the fundraiser for the Wounded Warrior Project, an organization that assists wounded members of the military.

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