'Octomom' doctor tears up in first testimony

DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES Dr. Michael Kamrava went before a state administrative judge in downtown Los Angeles to defend his practice and medical license.

Suleman's fertility doctor implanted her with 60 embryos . The result was 14 children in less than eight years including her now famous octuplets.

The state /*Office of the Attorney General*/ is charging Kamrava with extreme departures from the standard of care.

An eight cause for discipline was added Wednesday: gross negligence for implanting Suleman with 12 fertilized embryos, resulting in the now-famous octuplets.

Kamrava's testimony was emotional. When asked about his personal history, Kamrava choked up and shed tears.

He recounted how he had to flee Iran as a Jewish teenager, leaving his family behind.

A defense witness who conducted an assessment of the doctor's office testified that Kamrava told him that in retrospect, his treatment was wrong, he felt bad about it and felt bad about the outcome.

Responding to questions from his attorney, Kamrava cited his affiliation with top hospitals and his successes at his fertilization clinic in Beverly Hills.

Aside from the octuplets, he said his treatment produced few multiple births. He said his treatment produced three sets of triplets and 10 sets of twins in the last 17 years.

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