L.A. teen band uses music to raise awareness

LOS ANGELES It selected eight teenagers.

Together, they formed The Bricks, and they now make music with a message.

Mentored by music industry professionals, the eight high school and college teenagers may be holding golden tickets to careers in music.

At the very least, this is a golden opportunity for Anthony, Maria, Alex, "Nuclear," Louise, Shefai Marcy and Omari.

But why The Bricks?

"We're laying a new foundation for music and for culture, for conscious awareness issues, everything," said member Omari Bluitt.

The Bricks plan to use their rock 'n roll and hip-hop songs to speak to their generation about social issues, including racism, homophobia and sexism.

The band wants to promote acceptance for everyone. They'll even be touring campuses and probation facilities throughout the county to get the dialogue going.

"This is coming from young people that believe that there is hope for a better world and it happens through music," said member Fidel Rodriguez.

Do they feel like rock stars?

"Maybe not yet, but I am an artist," said member Anthony Gutierrez. "I can tell you that."

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