2 robbers beaten up by intended victims

WINNETKA, Calif. There were two robbers involved, but only one had to be taken to the hospital.

According to police, the two men tried to rob three people using a fake gun late Wednesday night. When the victims realized it was a fake gun, they grabbed it from the suspects and beat the suspects up with the weapon.

The attempted robbery began at Saticoy Street and Oso Avenue in /*Winnetka*/ and ended at Parthenia Street and Corbin Avenue in /*Northridge*/.

Two suspects face robbery charges. They did not get away with anything, and the victims were not hurt.

Los Angeles police officers said the fact that people will not go down without a fight is becoming a problem.

Officials said several factors contribute to people fighting back. First, they may see it on television shows or movies and think that it is easy. Second, victims are emotional and angry. Lastly, they hear about successful incidents on the news.

"We don't like seeing anyone get victimized. We also don't want to see anyone get hurt," said Sgt. Frank Preciado of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Preciado urges a more cautious approach when confronted with a potential attacker.

In a series of recent incidents, victims find their inner Rambo instead of forking over their cash.

In an incident caught on surveillance camera Sept. 19, a man hopped out of a white van to accost what he thought was an easy target--a slight woman with a big purse. She didn't give up her purse even though she was dragged and beaten. The robber, who is still on the loose, finally gave up.

But was her bag worth the bruises or the possibility of more serious injury when the attacker is desperate?

"There are some individuals that are looking for the next buy for their drugs so they are looking at property, and that's all they're trying to do. They are trying to intimidate someone for something of value," said Preciado.

There was another recent confrontation in Koreatown. Police said two would-be victims clobbered the man who broke into their apartment. In that case, the citizens were lucky. The intruder had a real gun, but it wasn't loaded.

Police don't recommend that people fight back during a robbery because the robbers likely have more experience in attacking. They advise victims to hand over their money and let the suspects take off.

Anyone with information about the would-be purse-snatching incident was urged to call the Los Angeles Police Department at (877) LAPD-24-7.

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