'Dancing' celebs to perform two dances Monday

LOS ANGELES The sixth round begins with "Rock Night" as the celebrities perform their choice of the Paso Doble or Tango in addition to participating in a group Rumba.

Last week, actress /*Florence Henderson*/ was sent home on the hit ABC show even though /*Kyle Massey*/ and /*Bristol Palin*/ both had lower scores than Henderson.

Massey and his partner /*Lacey Schwimmer*/ are going to have to work even harder to impress the audience this week because all of the couples are going to have to perform two different routines.

"I'm going to come out and perform to the best of my abilities," said Massey. "I'm really looking forward to something different. The reason I got into this show is because it was something completely different than anything I have ever done."

"We have the Tango and we have the Rock 'n' Roll marathon which is going to be awesome," said Schwimmer. "With the Tango we can show a young side. We have a really cool song. It's a really cool vibe. So I think he is going to be great with it and just prove to the judges that he is worthy."

/*Jennifer Grey*/ has earned plenty of high scores from the judges, but this week she is looking for some help in the stamina department.

"I'm begging for a second wind," said Grey. "If you know where I can pick one up, I'll pay any price at this point."

Professional dancer /*Cheryl Burke*/ says her partner /*Rick Fox*/ is ready and has the stamina for two dances.

"Rick is one of the hardest working partners I've had so he wants to get everything right, if not perfect," said Burke. "So for sure he's ready for the two dances."

Singer /*Brandy*/ is also ready for the double performance Monday night.

"I am looking forward to the two dance idea because it is going to be a challenge," said Brandy. "This is what the show is all about. It is about facing your fears and going out there and trying to do something that you have never done before. This is going to be exciting."

Former NFL star /*Kurt Warner*/ feels confident with his skill level, but says two dances in one night will be a challenge.

"I'm pretty good with choreography so I don't think that'll be the hard part, but it's the technique," said Warner. "If I have to do two dances and get the technique down, that's where I think it's going to be really hard for me. That's where I'm really going to have to focus this week."

See which celebs shine this week on "Dancing With the Stars." You can catch all of the action starting at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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