O.C. man sentenced to 4 years for hate crime

WESTMINSTER, Calif. On Sept. 1, police said 20-year-old John DeLoach drove by a convenience store in /*Huntington Beach*/ blasting racist music with explicit anti-black lyrics. When DeLoach saw that Briana W., who is black, was inside the convenience store, he drove up closer and cranked the volume up even more.

That same day around 9:40 p.m., Briana W. was walking to a friend's apartment in Huntington Beach with her friend, Derrick S., who is white. DeLoach just happened to be visiting a friend in the same apartment complex and recognized Briana W. as the woman from the convenience store. According to police, DeLoach yelled racial slurs at her and also yelled statements against interracial relationships.

DeLoach and an unknown male accomplice continued to harass Briana W. when Derrick S. stepped in to defend her. At that point, DeLoach punched him in the face, knocked him to the ground and kicked him in the back multiple times.

DeLoach fled the scene as Briana W. called police. As a result of the attack, Derrick S. suffered a contusion on the side of his head.

On Oct. 1, police tracked down DeLoach at Overlook Park. DeLoach tried to run and resisted arrest

DeLoach pleaded guilty on Friday to one felony count of /*hate crime*/ battery causing injury and one felony count of hate crime assault causing injury. He has a prior conviction for a 2009 residential burglary.

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