Strong winds tapering off in Inland Empire

FONTANA, Calif. A high wind advisory had drivers slowing down as strong gusts threatened to push them out of their lanes. Steve Nimmo had to pull off the highway to secure his load.

"I just got a net over it and a tarp. It keeps everything secured. You have to, because it will flip over," said Nimmo.

Drivers of high-profile vehicles drove in the slower lanes and even drivers of smaller cars found it difficult to navigate through the wind.

"My car bounces back and forth all the time, and we have debris going onto the freeway. It's now a hazard because when it jumps in front of us on the freeway, we tend to stop, which causes collisions," said driver Glenn Smith. "I know it's the season, but it still doesn't make me feel comfortable driving."

Overnight, the winds wreaked havoc in other parts of the Southland. In Beverly Hills, high winds may be to blame for a tree toppling over onto two cars and a house.

But the gusts didn't keep everyone inside. Karen Lane chose this windy day to head to the park.

"It's windy, but it's not cold," said Lane.

A high wind warning was issued in the Inland Empire, including San Bernardino and Riverside counties, the valleys and Santa Ana.

The winds reached speeds of 30 to 45 miles per hour in Fontana. Trees were seen swaying and shopping carts were rolling through parking lots.

With winds that strong, residents may see a lot of fallen trees and downed power lines. Drivers are advised to stay in their cars if they see wires on the road and to call the power company.

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