Neither gov candidate to pull negative ads

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif. /*Jerry Brown*/ supporters are working hard to get him back in the governor's office.

/*Meg Whitman*/ has been campaigning in areas of Southern California she hopes are rich with Republican voters. She was in Riverside Wednesday. She said she is poised to win, despite her standing in polls.

Her opponent, state attorney general and former governor Jerry Brown, wasn't to be seen Wednesday, but he issued a statement again attacking her negative advertisements, saying he'll stop them and he'll ask his independent supporters to do the same.

At the Riverside rally, Whitman told her supporters to ignore the bad polls. They've shown Brown up by solid single- to double-digit leads.

"So you know what our polls show that this is a dead heat, and you're going to start to see some polls come out that show that this is a dead heat, and in a dead heat we win, because the people who want to take back Sacramento are going to come to the polls in huge numbers," said Whitman.

At The Women's Conference held by Maria Shriver Tuesday, Brown, in response to a question, said he would drop his negative ads, with qualification.

"If Meg wants me to do that I'll be glad to do that, we can have a little discussion today and I'm sure we can work something out," said Brown.

Brown didn't campaign publicly Wednesday, but union activists like Flores Huerta campaigned for him. Brown issued a statement that he would have all of his supporters like unions pull their negative ads.

In an interview Whitman questioned his power to do that, and said she deserves the continued opportunity to inform voters.

"Then he started a very personal attack on the airwaves as well, as he has called me a Nazi, he's called me a liar, he's called me a whore," said Whitman. "I mean, this has been an unbelievable smear, a very personal campaign. I have stuck to the issues."

No promises to pull any advertising by Whitman.

"He's running on his record," said Whitman. "I have to point out to Californians, we can't have a third term of Jerry Brown. A Democratic governor with a Democratic legislature, you won't recognize this state in four years."

Whitman says she'll be campaigning 24-7 between now and Election Day.

Brown has indicated he'll be back out on the campaign trail Thursday. A spokesman says Brown is preparing for a grueling campaign for the rest of the week.

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