S.D. cop, 2 others dead after gun battle

SAN DIEGO, Calif. The slain officer has been identified as Christopher Wilson. He was a 17-year veteran of the San Diego Police Department.

Officials were checking on a man who was on probation at an apartment in the Skyline area on Paradise Valley Road and Meadowbrook Drive when shots were fired on Wednesday at 10:45 p.m. The man was on probation for assault with a deadly weapon.

The officers ended up kicking in the door after someone inside slammed it in their faces. The officers took a man into custody and started searching the apartment for more people, but then the shooting began.

About 50 men, women and children were sent running out of the complex and onto the street.

One neighbor said he heard anywhere from six to 12 gunshots coming from inside the apartment. Another said he saw Wilson being carried out of the apartment with blood streaming down his face and neck.

"I didn't believe it when it happened. They carried the cop down from the apartment. It just, I don't know, it was crazy," said one man at the scene.

Wilson was pronounced dead at a hospital Thursday morning.

SWAT officers were called to the scene, and after an eight-hour standoff, they fired a flash-bang grenade inside the apartment at about 6:50 a.m.

A man and woman were then arrested, and the bodies of two other people were found inside the apartment. It's unclear if they committed suicide or died during the shootout.

One of them is believed to be the person who shot and killed Wilson.

A police dog named Monty was also wounded in the shootout but is expected to survive.

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