LAPD officers to temporarily staff new jail

LOS ANGELES Budget constraints, attrition, early-retirement incentives and mandatory furloughs have led to "critically low" staffing levels.

As a result, nearly 90 LAPD officers will be utilized to staff the new Metropolitan Detention Center while the old facility at Parker Center is closed.

The LAPD will assign 30 officers for 28 days at a time over three 28-day periods until a target of 83 officers and five sergeants will be assigned full-time to the facility.

Prisoners are scheduled to be transferred from Parker Center to the MDC in February.

The MDC has been certified for occupancy since late 2009, according to the LAPD.

Health and safety risks have necessitated the planned closure of Parker Center.

In 2009, Parker Center personnel began the move to the newly built Police Administration Building. Parker Center is nearly 50 years old.

About 160 Scientific Investigation Division (SID) employees, 75 detention officers and 25 sworn personnel currently still occupy Parker Center for daily business.

L.A. fire codes stipulate that Parker Center must be vacated by January 2012.

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