Real-life ghost-busters track the paranormal

RIVERSIDE, Calif. A team of self-described paranormal investigators at Paranormal Private Investigators has been making the rounds, tracking down unseen forces in places like Downtown Bookstore in Riverside.

"It was in the aisle we saw a book slowly moving down and drop," said Nadia Lee, who owns the shop with her sister.

They called Paranormal Private Investigators to look into the strange occurences at their shop.

"Some people have found that they can't find people to help them so we've made this organization to help people with their paranormal problems as well as educate the public about it," said Peaches Veatch, an investigator with PPI.

They don't have much in common with their filmic forebears - they've never been slimed and they don't carry proton packs.

"We can have the psychic abilities but we need the science to back it up," said K.D. Foreman.

With the tools of their trade, an electro-magnetic field monitor, they got to work investigating the bookstore. Not long after, case manager K.D. Foreman's monitor lights up. They believe they have communicated with a spirit.

In the basement, an electronic voice recorder was switched on in the hopes of capturing evidence of a presence.

"We've had some interesting things," said Veatch. "We had some evidence that there was a child down in the basement that was playing hide and seek."

After wrapping up their investigation the team took their findings to Lee, who said she felt vindicated that her suspicions had been backed up.

"Yes, there is something other than us in this world," she said.

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