Brown, Whitman push to the finish line

RIVERSIDE, Calif. /*Brown*/ spoke to an enthusiastic crowd at Anchos Southwest Bar & Grill in Riverside in the afternoon.

Brown, who leads /*Whitman*/ in most polls, joined the crowd at the packed restaurant on the next to last day in his campaign run. He's in the middle of a 12-city, three-day bus marathon.

"Some people say if you don't know much, you can make a hell of a governor," Brown told his supporters Sunday. "I say you've got to know what's going on. What are the skeletons up there, where the bodies are buried? I know all of that. I'm ready on day one to get this state government working together, Republicans and Democrats.

"People have really screwed things up," Brown added. "And by the way, it's not who you think it is. It's /*Wall Street*/ folks, those mortgage bankers."

Earlier in Sacramento, the state attorney general and former governor told supporters that California's pioneering spirit will help pull the state out of the recession.

Meanwhile, Whitman appeared at a rally at the Marriott hotel in Burbank, where she was met by members of the /*California Nurses Association*/.

The former chief executive of /*eBay*/ is promising to, "Take back California."

"I'm a proven job creator," Whitman told her supporters. "I have created jobs in my 30-year career in business in direct contrast to my opponent who has been part of the war on jobs in California for 40 years."

The billionaire has given her campaign $142 million of her own money.

Whitman will be in Woodland Hills and Brown will be in Los Angeles on Monday.

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