Woman tries 7 marathons, 7 days, 7 continents

SANTA MONICA, Calif. For most, that alone would be an accomplishment. For Stenild, it's just another day of the week.

"I'm attempting to run seven marathons in seven days on seven different continents," Stenild said.

It's an ambitious goal. At least a few men have accomplished it, but never a woman.

Stenild said that was confirmed after she contacted the Guinness Book of World Records regarding her attempt.

The first in Falklands, Antarctica, was perhaps the greatest challenge. Her run almost never started.

"The last hour before landing was so windy, it was like a crash landing," she said.

The run was completed in four hours and 30 minutes in freezing conditions.

"It was really, really, cold and that's why I was running a bit faster," she said.

Day two in Santiago, Chile, was warmer but a bit slower as she clocked in at four hours and 55 minutes.

After her Los Angeles run, she stops in Sydney, Australia; Singapore; Cairo, Egypt; and finally London, England.

"I'm only using commercial flights, so I'm quite stuck to the route that I'm doing," Stenild said.

The Los Angeles running route was the exact same used in the 2010 Los Angeles Marathon. It's called "Stadium to the Sea" and goes from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica.

Stenild's guide and running partner along the route was Stacy Embretson.

When asked if she could do seven days of 26 miles in a row, Embretson said, "I kind of want to now."

As Stenild crossed the finish line at Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica, she said she felt "well" and no matter what, "failure is not an option."

After a chicken dinner with a friend, she heads to Los Angeles International Airport to get on a 10:30 p.m. flight.

All proceeds she fundraises along the way go to the Adam Rogers Trust, established in honor of a 13-year-old by the same name who died of a brain tumor.

When it's all done, she looks forward to the eighth day. She said she will be "pampered by her parents" and have a long dinner with plenty of champagne.

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