Feds monitor Spanish assistance at polls

RIVERSIDE, Calif. Riverside is one of only 30 counties in the country to have its elections monitored by the federal government. The Justice Department did the same thing in Riverside County last June to make sure Spanish-speaking voters do not have their rights violated.

But federal monitoring teams were not there to fix problems with the way ballots are counted. During the June election, Riverside County was one of the last in the state to report elections results. The county registrar, Barbara Dunmore is hoping for better results this time.

"We have been counting ballots since October 22. We're allowed to start counting them seven business days before election day. We've been running 24/7 shifts. We've counted nearly 200,000 ballots so far," said Dunmore.

She said one reason for the delay in June was the more complicated nature of the primary ballots and fewer optical voters in the county. She said the ballot for this election should pose less of a problem.

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