'Dancing' cast hates to see Rick Fox go

LOS ANGELES But after last night's elimination of Rick Fox from "/*Dancing With the Stars*/," shock and surprise seem like fitting descriptions.

Monday night, Rick Fox and his partner Cheryl Burke received their best scores ever during their seven weeks on the show.

"At least we went out with a bang and, you know, we just didn't get the votes," Burke said. "And that's what the show is about."

Both Fox and Burke were disappointed to be eliminated, but these longtime competitors know how to be good sports.

"It happens," Fox said. "It is America's show, though. They get to tune in and they get to vote."

Fox's cast mates say he will definitely be missed.

"He is an amazing guy," Brandy said. "He is everything that you see and more. I'm so proud of him. None of this defines him. He is who he is even without being here next week."

"Rick and Cheryl are our best friends on the show," said Kyle Massey's partner, Lacey Schwimmer. "We spend all our rehearsals at the studio together. He's just one of those guys that we've grown so close to."

"The opportunities will hopefully continue to be there for me throughout my life, but this has been an opportunity that I won't forget," Fox said.

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