Kids hospitalized by possible drug-laced candy

SOUTH LOS ANGELES The victims are students at /*George Washington Carver Junior High School*/ on McKinley Ave.

Thursday morning eight ambulances rolled up to Carver Middle School in South Los Angeles when eight students fell ill.

"We do know that they ingested something. They were all transported because of rapid heart rates. One person was suffering from nausea," said L.A. County Fire Battalion Chief David Spence.

The kids were taken to L.A. County-USC Medical Center. A spokesperson for the hospital says the kids are in good condition and would most likely be released some time Thursday.

What exactly did they eat?

"We don't know exactly what was in the chocolate bar," said Carver Middle School Principal Luz Cotto.

Cotto says the school police and the LAPD are investigating the incident, and so far they've learned that one male student shared the candy bar with schoolmates Thursday morning, knowing it contained a suspicious ingredient.

"He purchased the chocolate at a skate store, did not share the name," said Cotto. "And I don't know for sure yet that they knew what they were eating. I suspect that they knew and they were all getting a piece of the chocolate."

As word of the sickened students spread, some parents headed to the school, concerned their kids may have been affected.

"I was scared," said parent Charlotte Edwards. "I thought maybe it was some brownies up here. They need to do something about it because someone could have really got hurt."

Cotto said something definitely will be done. The incident was under investigation. Student suspensions were possible.

Cotto said the school will continue with its daily random drug searches.

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